Hello and Welcome to my personal website!

Here you will learn everything from my everyday thinking, to how to have and keep success with anything you are doing if you so choose. My main purpose is to give from the heart. Whether it offends the masses or not. Sometimes we get caught up in what others think and how others will respond. I must admit I was once there. Doing a lot of things because it was the “right” thing to do. Because I felt this is what people are expecting to see. Truthfully people want to see you keep it real. Tell your struggles as well as your accomplishments. I’ve been taught to hide the real… Basically cry on the inside but appear to be happy on the outside. That’s definitely not the right answer. I agree you shouldn’t be negative but people want to know that you are human and you experience real life situations just like they do. From now on I vow to be me 100%. So if you are interested in The Thoughts of A Queen… my plans and life then definitely stay tuned because that’s exactly what I am going to give to you.

Some of the things I share may offend you (I hope not).

I am unapologetic about anything I have to share because my belief is that we are all different.
If you are being real with yourself and others, you will not always say and do things that others will agree with. The most important thing is that you remain true to yourself and the ones who count will respect you automatically.

You will have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to stay around me.
Going to the next level requires your foundation to sometimes be shaken.
If you’re not ready for 99 problems, I suggest you remain stagnant and exit the stage. Meaning do not try to grow at all!

I’ll be giving a lot of beneficial information that you will hopefully share with your family and friends.
Things on the health tip, money tip, trending tips and more! Stick around, I think you’re gonna like this new Falecia. :)

My hopes is that when you leave faleciatucker.com, you will have more than you came with.

Hang tight and stay tuned as I open up a few can of worms that you probably never heard or thought of.

Thanks for your support and help with spreading a different outlook on life!

Wishing you a healthy and successful life!

Much Love,
Falecia Tucker
“The Silent Assassin”