Reflecting On The Past

Just reflecting on my growth since I got started last year…
This just proves the point that you can’t do something daily and not get better!
Consistency is the key.

You may not know what this business is about or how to succeed in this business but I guarantee you that if you make a decision to just get started and commit to having success in your business, GREATNESS will follow you!

But you must be willing to be committed. I made this video several months ago and didn’t know half of what I know now. If you watch this video, you may or may not think differently.

Bottom Line: Stop making excuses and make a decision to start your own business so that you can have the freedom I’m having. Money is no longer an issue for me. Money is cool but it’s no longer my focus. When you have enough money, you can choose to focus on other things in life that matters most like family, relationships, and freedom.

Don’t allow yourself to make excuses because if you don’t make a decision to start today, you will still have the same issues you had yesterday, last year, and even 5 years ago. I care enough about you to share what I’m doing and share my success. But you have to care enough about yourself to get up off your butt and get to work!

Nothing in life is easy the first time. You have to fall and bump your head a few times but if you are tough enough to dust yourself off and keep pushing, SUCCESS is yours!
In this business, only the strong will survive!

Some of you who know me personally and I talk to on the regular like Brian Cain knows how much I’ve been through in the past few weeks. I didn’t let that stop me. I still made money and I still led my team in our team meetings. Because I realize that life happens. I can’t waddle in my pain. I would be selfish to do so. There’s so many people watching me and need me to continue on this journey. I can’t let my personal life keep my peers and followers from getting to their destination.

I’m not boasting but when you think this way, you are a true leader and people can see that in you. I’ve been down and out and haven’t been able to make any videos. People noticed it and it made me feel bad because I felt I let them down. But I am grateful for ppl like Brian and Evin Anderson who kept pushing me even when I was sad and didn’t feel like doing anything in my business. People we have to be strong for one another regardless of the way things are looking today. Who cares if you don’t feel like it?! Do it anyway!

This is not for you! It’s for your family…
It’s for your friends…
It’s for the people who are looking forward to seeing you succeed…
It’s even for your haters!

How would you love to share your story that on this day, 4/11/2013, you were broke busted and disgusted but because you made a decision to put SELF to the side, on this day you are successful and you have more money than you can even spend? Wouldn’t that be a great story to share?
But if you never try, you never know whether or not you can!

I didn’t expect this post to be this long but I think this can help someone today. I’m not here to make a dollar off of you. I’m here to prove to you that you can do what you think is the IMPOSSIBLE! You can do it! But it’s not up to me, it’s up to you! Make a decision today my friend and I as well as the other leaders on my team will help you as much as you will help yourself.

I love you. I appreciate you for reading this long ass post! lol I hope this has blessed your heart and you have learned something from this. Until next time… Talk to you later!

Falecia Tucker
“Full-Time Entrepreneur”

P.S. The people that I spoke of in this post like Brian Cain and Evin Anderson are very close friends that I mess as a result of getting into this business. So as you can see, it’s not about the money, it’s about building relationships with people who have the same goals in mind and know exactly what you are going through when you go through it.

What The Heezy?!

I just have to celebrate my teammates success!!!
Question: Can you REALLY Make Money Online with that Blog company… Empower Network Company???
Answer: HELL YEAH!!! I want to give a special shout out to a sister on our team that’s Kickin A$$ Right now… Mrs. Apple D. just raked in 6 Stacks… Ummmm…ERrrr $6,000 (6 thousand dollars in 1 day)… TODAY!!!
I guess this lil Blog Thing Really Does Work… If you can follow SIMPLE instructions, and aren’t the type to just wanna do things YOUR WAY… and you would like to know how YOU TOO can have a $6,000 DAY…
Two Masters Course and an Inner Circle ... SO proud of my team for stepping up #MakeMoneyOnline #YepItWorks #ThatBlogThing
If you are coachable then this could soon be you that I’m bragging on.  Just click the image above and just GET IN!!!

~Falecia Tucker


Are You Grateful?

Are You Grateful?

I am extremely grateful for my team! My team is growing at a very rapid pace!

They are working diligently!

They are going out their spreading the great news about this movement!

They are inspiring people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and different countries!

I am proud of each one of my team members for doing a great

job of spreading the great news to others!

Keep up the great work team! I love all of you!

I am super grateful to have the pleasure of being on this journey with you!

~Falecia Tucker

“Full-Time Entrepreneur”

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Interview With Marc Whitting

Interview With Marc Whitting

This is an interview you DO NOT wanna miss! If you have questions about getting started and not sure if you will be able to do it, jump on this hangout and let’s hear how Marc has done it.

This guy is a powerhouse all by himself! He makes things happen! I love his energy and passion about this business. He is definitely a great leader to follow!

Check him out below! Refresh your screen and 10:30PM EST and you will see us magically appear!

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Take massive action NOW and I’ll see you on the inside!







Falecia Tucker
“Full-Time Entrepreneur”

Money or Chocolate???

Two unexpected Gifts!

I received 2 unexpected gifts for Valentines Day/My Birthday! As you may or may not know…

My birthday is February 16th!

One day from today Smile

I am very grateful to be here another day!

I pray I see this birthday and many many more

strong, healthy and wealthy birthdays.

Wanna know what the 2 unexpected gifts were?

Well the first gift(s) were given to me by my best friend, Shameka.

She brought it to my house.

I opened the box and it was a beautiful bracelet just like one I

received another few years ago.

That’s one of the best gifts I’ve received thus far…

I was so excited to have a bracelet like this again!

She also bought chocolate and a beautiful card.

I know you’re thinking awwww….

But It Gets Better!

Now, if you know me, you know I stay up late at night

and sleep during the day. Well that’s what I did yesterday for Valentine’s Day!

I was gonna try to sleep for at least 8 hours until someone woke me up saying Congrats! You just received a $3,000 Commission!

And I was like, Really? Because I don’t get very excited when I’m just waking up lol.

I can actually be a little cranky if you wake me up while I’m sleeping(even though it’s not my intention)

But after getting off that phone, I checked my email and got excited!

Not only because I received a $3,000 commission…

Not only because Colton will now have the education he needs in order to succeed in this industry.

But because I can see the growth in my teammate, Colton Bridges…

Not to mention yesterday was Valentine’s Day and tomorrow is my birthday. Smile

But back to the subject, this guy is a true leader!

I knew he was a leader even before meeting him in person in Austin, TX. We didn’t get a chance to speak when he first joined at the $25 level. I remember sitting on the coach with my brother, watching his friends play pool. I checked my email and saw several emails from “Dave and Dave”, I got super excited! I had made a $500 while sitting on the couch with my legs crossed doing nothing.

At that time, I instantly knew that this was someone I needed to reach out to. I know this is somebody who is serious about their business and ready to go as long as they have the right platform and guidance.

Ya see, this is the type of guy you want as your leader. You want that person who is going to get out there and do whatever it takes for him to reach his goals.

That is what you need in your business! You don’t want tire kickers who will constantly ask questions and never get in. You want someone who is a self-starter, committed to his business and his future.

I can truly say that Colton Bridges is just that.  He is already sponsoring other great people in his business. This is a very awesome leader of EN and he is now ALL EN!

So if you are ready to stop kicking the tires and do what this 22 year old guy is doing, I suggest you click on this link, watch the video and get started RIGHT NOW!



You Got This!
~Falecia Tucker
“Full-Time Entrepreneur”

P.S If you want to skip the video and get started right away, you can join here. ——–> http://join.faleciatucker

P.S.S Be sure that it shows me as your sponsor, otherwise you will not be on my team and reap our team bonuses. Sad smile

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